Baby Toys

Part of the wider baby product industry, along with things like baby clothing and nursery furniture, the wholesale baby toys sector is worth billions globally. Baby toys are often designed not only to entertain, but to challenge and develop an infant’s sensory awareness, too. Toys for infants are generally brightly coloured, yet simple in design, and often make sounds or rattle. A typical baby toys manufacturer will make items which are not just designed for infants, but produce a range of goods under their brand for toddlers and school-age children, too.

The baby toys wholesale market is ever-changing, largely due to the scientific research that goes into early years development across the world. Following discoveries in the way babies acquire motor skills and knowledge of the world around them, baby toys are adapted and developed to meet the findings of such research. A baby toys manufacturer will frequently market their latest product with information designed to appeal to parents, such as how their toy will promote cognitive ability or hand-eye coordination, based on new studies, for example.

As well as well-conceived designs, toys for babies are also subject to stringent commercial laws which mean that they are safe. The use of certain adhesives in products is not allowed in baby products, for instance. Toys like rattles and shakers must not have any components which might come loose and accidentally become ingested. Any battery-powered toys must have their batteries stored in a recess which can only be opened with a screwdriver, again for safety reasons. With so many important design matters to consider, traders in early years toys can keep abreast of the latest products using

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