Child Seats

Child seats, like other products designed for smaller bodies such as kid's bedding, baby clothing and other nursery furniture, are specialist items which are made by some, but not all, furniture makers. Essentially, child seats provide a comfortable and safe place for children to sit and will often be designed to assist them in their chosen activity. Professionals can discover many new innovations in this product category by using

Some of the most common uses for child seats include those designed for classroom. Such seats will often be robust and able to take a lot of wear and tear, but also keep the sitter in a good posture position, helping him or her to stay focussed on learning. In a more relaxed environment, such as a children's play den, a child seat will offer a greater degree of comfort, with arm rests and padded seats. High chairs are designed to be easily wiped down and allow children to access a dining table without having to reach up. Other than the distinguishing feature of their size or height, children's seats do not differ greatly from adult ones, except where more vibrant colours are used in their upholstery.

As well as children's seats which are designed for the home and school environments, a significant number of them are purpose-built for travel. In particular, age-appropriate car seats are available which need to be used when on the road to keep children secure. Some of these child seats are fitted to fixing bolts or use feet to keep them steady, but most are secured in place by the use of a normal seat belt. Although designed for indicative age ranges, car seats are usually sold according to the weight and height of the occupant.

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