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More than simply being reproductions in miniature of adult eating utensils, childrens porcelain and cutlery products should adhere to a specific set of requirements. Made with small hands and mouths in mind, childrens cutlery and porcelain must be safe, robust and fun. For toddlers, plastic cutlery is ideal as it ensures the child’s safety as well as usability. Vibrant colours and handles with novel shapes help to keep them engaged. Ergonomically designed knives, forks and spoons teach small children how to hold cutlery properly and are easier for tiny hands to grip. Once proficient, they can progress to traditionally styled cutlery that is reassuringly similar to that used by their parents. Brightly packaged sets of childrens cutlery make an ideal gift and encourage a sense of independence at the dinner table. Find suppliers and manufacturers of a wide and colourful range of childrens cutlery and porcelain on

Quality is important when choosing the right utensils, as they will be subjected to much wear and tear at mealtimes. Childrens porcelain must be easy to handle, yet stable enough to not end up repeatedly on the floor or with its contents on the child. Deeper rims on plates and bowls make it easier for inexperienced hands to control their food. Children, however, appreciate the attractive designs much more than the practicalities behind the cutlery’s design. From classic fairy tale figures to contemporary cartoon and film favourites, childrens porcelain that utilises a theme will bring joy to any child and keep mealtimes engaging. As part of a set with matching cutlery, or even individually, they too make an excellent gift.

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Lightweight and easy to handle Ludo cutlery allow child to started eating alone in a fun...


Albert de Thiers S.A.S.

Since 1947, Albert de Thiers is a major actor in the table and kitchen world.

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