Infant Care

Along with products such as baby clothing, baby toys and kids' bedding, infant care products reach the market via wholesale channels through both specialist and general retailers. For an infant care provider, some highly-developed products, like educational resources, are only accessible from certain resellers. For other sorts of products, like child seats or children's cutlery, general retailers and supermarkets tend to be favoured stockists. This is because the infant care industry is a very wide one which needs to cater for youngsters from about the age of eighteen months to five years. In some cases, infant care products provide sanitation for children who are not yet toilet trained. Products in this category include changing mats, nappies, potties, wipes and disposal equipment. Clothing that allows for convenient access for an infant care provider is also included in this category, although it is sometimes marketed along with fashion items. Such clothes usually have poppers or other easy-to-release systems which mean an infant can be changed with ease.

In terms of medication, there are many infant care products on the market at any one time, with new ones regularly being in development. This is due to the fact that younger children can be highly susceptible to drugs and need age appropriate doses. Along with specific brands of medication, this part of the sector encompasses delivery systems, such as child-friendly measuring syringes for oral medication, for example. Infant care items also include skin sensitive products of all kinds. From washing powder to infant shampoo, many sorts of detergents are designed with the requirements of younger users in mind. These and other infant care ideas are ready to discover at

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