Nursery Lights

Nursery lights - intended for use in a children's nursery as the name suggests - are often colourful and produce a soft, warm light. Though the lighting element itself, a bulb for example, may be the same standard bulb that is used in a typical house lamp, nursery lighting products will often have an exterior appearance that is more pleasing to an average child. An example of this might be a lamp shade in the shape of an animal. Suppliers of these lights and other home interior products can be found at

Nursery lights intended to be placed where children might be able to reach may use a low-powered lighting element that produces less heat so as not to burn the children. For the same reason, nursery lights that are likely to be within reach of children often have a lot of protection around the lighting element itself. For example a globe, or a novelty shaped lamp shade. The design of nursery lights must take into account any potential harm from physical contact. This means there will likely be no sharp edges, and any free-standing lighting will be as light as possible so as to cause little–to–no harm if it should fall on a child.

Though a certain standard of product safety is legally required in any lighting solution, lighting for nurseries will often go beyond that standard. Whilst most electronic products are safe to use for most responsible adults, electronic items for use in children’s rooms have to ensure they are safe enough to withstand a child’s curiosity. Many nursery lighting products are fitted with timers, especially in the case of night lights, so that parents can leave a light on without worrying about it being on all night. A market such as this is always striving for safer, improved products, can help traders stay on top of things with access to any new developments.

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