Pet Bowls

Pet bowls are a product in the pet supplies industry. Though it would be excusable to picture a simple, plain, featureless bowl, the market for pet bowls has quite a range of varied themes to suit a number of different pets and use cases. For example, pet bowls are not just for cats and dogs; but also much smaller pets, such as hamsters and guinea pigs. Suppliers for pet products are available at

Though there is a market in hand crafted alternatives, pet bowls are typically mass produced and distributed to many different suppliers in many different regions who purchase the pet bowls wholesale. With the margins on such products being particularly thin, suppliers will often negotiate for the best price on wholesale pet bowls that they can get.

Materials used in the making of wholesale pet bowls are varied, but the three main ones are stainless steel, ceramic, and plastic. Plastic is the lowest cost material of three and often used when producing pet bowls wholesale. There are also pet bowls that offer certain functionality. Some examples of these include plastic bowls with moulded ridges to prevent pets from eating their food too fast, pet bowls with multiple compartments that can be set on a timer to only reveal certain compartments at certain times, allowing owners to set out multiple meals at once without having to worry about their pet eating it all at once. Other features of pet bowls can include rubberised bases to prevent the bowl sliding during a feed, or the addition of a stand to raise the bowl its usual height, which is ideal for larger animals. There is also a market in more personalised pet bowls, such as bowls with pets' names on them. The market for trading in pet bowls wholesale is a vibrant one, with more people owning pets than ever before. allows traders access to all the latest developments.

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