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Pet products are the items pet owners need in order to ensure their animals are well cared for and that all of their needs are met. The global industry for wholesale pet products is worth billions and ranges from basic nutrition to speciality items, such as hiking boots for dogs. Cats and dogs are the most common household pets and in western homes, at least one household in four owns a pet, with cats leading the way. Overall, pets have a positive health effect on the owner, particularly for the elderly, and the pet products industry ensures that owners can appropriately care for their pets, too. Suppliers of pet products and any pet products manufacturer can be sourced at

Wholesale pet products for housing and environments include indoor cages, carrying cages, padded beds, straw and cedar bedding for small animals, and hammocks for ferrets. Different sizes of glass enclosures equipped with various perching and sleeping areas are available for small rodents, reptiles, and spiders. Aquariums present another vast array of wholesale pet products. Water health in the aquarium is critical to fish maintenance, and the typical aquarium requires an oxidation system, filtering system, and temperature and salinity monitors. An environment that can be explored, or toys for entertainment and exercise, are necessary for pet health and constitute yet another market. The pet products wholesaler has expanded into producing species-specific music CDs that are reputed to have a calming effect in the owner’s absence.

The emerging markets for the pet products manufacturer are animal apparel, especially nonslip indoor socks, matching winter coats and boots, and costumes for different holidays. Novelty items, such as specialty lens cleaners for dog sunglasses, demonstrate the wide variety of products available for pet owners. is a way for traders and buyers to find information on the latest products.

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