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Greater amounts of disposable income are being spent on houses and gardens than ever before. Gardens, no matter their size, play an important role in the value of a property overall and generally, they either carry an aesthetic or practical significance. As an extension of a house or property, property owners or real estate agents may work with garden maintenance companies, landscape design and construction companies and tree surgeons. Local governing bodies will need contact to these services for the maintenance of public gardens, for example.

On a practical scale, a garden or communal gardens may be used to grow fresh fruits and vegetables, or even be converted into a child’s play area with swings and climbing areas. Gardening tools will be needed for daily or weekly maintenance, and a garden shed to keep them in. Manufacturers of gardening tools, plants and decorations should consider creating a print catalogue to display their wares, as well as connecting with fellow traders on Especially where the end consumer is required to assemble the products themselves, manufacturers should ensure their wares are sold together with clearly written printed instructions.

Publishing houses play a large part in the motivation of house owners to improve their properties. They provide an infinite amount of reading and information on anything and everything to do with houses and gardens on a regular weekly or monthly basis. Many smaller publishing houses provide specialist journals for hobbyists such as pond aquatics, wildlife gardens, bird and bee keeping, and how to grow trees, shrubs, and plants. Indeed, given that gardening is a passionate hobby of many, hobbyists will enjoy informative brochures as well as guides on the topic. can be used to reach out to these service providers, too.

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