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Selling goods directly to customers and clients may be one of the oldest forms of commerce, yet today the retail sector remains one of the key components of every service-driven economy. Retail has developed into a sophisticated marketplace, where the experience of the individual shopper is an important concern for every business. Shop fittings play a vital role in the way a retail environment functions: from streamlining services to creating a welcoming and safe shopping environment. Products listed within the shop fittings category may, therefore, include any items that could be used within a shopping or retail environment. The broad nature of this group of goods reflects the diversity of the modern retail experience.

Requirements for shop equipment will be dictated primarily by the services or goods being sold, and will differ greatly from one store to the next. Some items may be equally suited to habitation and living uses, such as carpets and lighting systems. Other fittings, like tills and cash desks, will be commonplace in all retail environments. Specialist shop fittings include any product which has a specific use, or a product which is in high demand for a certain type of business. An example of specialist shop equipment may include clothes racks and mannequins: items which are only likely to be used by clothing outlets, but will nonetheless be found in virtually every shop of this type.

Finding the right goods to furnish a store and to guarantee all of the right shop equipment is on hand means finding the right supplier. From suppliers of wholesale goods to bespoke items, allows businesses to connect directly. Clients can search for the exact product, and suppliers can discover an entirely new customer base for goods and services.

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