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Shop decorations offer retailers an affordable means to create attractive sales environments with a strong visual impact. Whilst department stores and chain stores have large budgets with which to employ visual merchandisers, smaller retailers are required to be more resourceful and create their own visual merchandising. Shop decorations from the suppliers at can be used to create a specific look for the entire shop, a promotional in-store display, innovative pricing and signage or an eye-catching window display.

Regularly changing shop furniture, display cases and shop-in-shop systems is out of the question for most retailers, but shop decorations are an inexpensive solution for creating fresh and new visual marketing concepts on a recurring basis. From seasonal and holiday decorations to complementary decorations that follow a product theme, the ultimate goal of retail decoration is to attract the customer to the product. Effective window decorations and displays are those that are irresistible to the passer-by, arousing their natural curiosity and subtly enticing them into the shop. Whilst the clothes on the mannequins, or the jewellery and handbags on display are the main attraction, the background decoration can make a significant contribution too.

The role of retail decoration is not just restricted to physical shops. Attractive presentation is just as vital to online retailers as it is to those on the high street. Many independent and specialist retailers combine a traditional shop with an online store. For those unfamiliar with the shop due to its location, the impression they receive will be exclusively via e-commerce. Photographs of the products in a fashionably decorated or distinctive shop setting will help convince the customer that this is the place to shop. For service providers and decoration supplies, the resources at ensure contact can be made with industry names.

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