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The wholesale jewelry market is a buoyant one, with many people choosing to invest in precious stones and metals, or wholesale watches, as well as wanting to add some fine pieces to their collection. Sub-sectors, such as wholesale jewelry and bespoke trinket makers have all seen an upturn in interest from consumers and investors alike. The wholesale jewelry marketplace is just as likely to be made up of high-value materials as it is with lower cost ones. Costume adornments, such as which can be found in the Fashion Jewelry category, make up a significant part of the wholesale jewelry business, with many retailers stocking items for only a season or two, following particular fashion trends or fads for certain designs. Often, the costume jewelry sector will rapidly develop an alternative product that apes the design of something bespoke that has been spotted being worn by a celebrity or national figure.

At the other end of the wholesale jewelry market gold, silver and semi-precious stones are fashioned into a wide range of up-market products that can be found in the Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets and Brooches categories. Women's jewelry makes up the largest proportion of the luxury wholesale market, but men's jewelry is increasing in importance to the sector. This is especially in evidence among the top watch brands which are known all over the world. In today's fast moving fashion world, keeping up with the latest trends is just as essential for any e-commerce shop that sells jewelry as it is for traditional high-street retailers. Thankfully, buyers who are looking for the chic items that customers demand can find just the right suppliers with which connects the jewelry industry with commercial operators and retailers. Of course, if interest is more geared towards the services in this sector, the Services & Publishing Houses category covers this.

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