Jewelry is the lose term used to refer to decorative adornment which is worn by both men and women. Often these are accessories, such as necklaces and bracelets, though they can be further sub-divided into items for formal and informal occasions. Jewelry which is created for piercings oftentimes may be required to pass certain guidelines before it can be sold. Depending upon consumer demand, traders in jewelry may also consider stocking material for those customers who enjoy creating and designing their own personal jewelry.

The jewelry industry is multi-faceted and encompasses a wide range of products and services. For example, products can be bought either as individual, made to order items, or in wholesale. Wise traders use platforms such as to ensure they have contacts in the necessary supply outlets to meet their needs. For jewelry traders, it is imperative to decide whether it would be best to select a wholesaler or individual supplier, as whol<
Whichever part of the jewelry industry a manufacturer or supplier finds themselves in, they must make strong, lucrative social contacts for business to flourish. Knowing the right person for each job, be that marketing, manufacturing, or supplying basic material, is essential. For instance, how will a wholesaler get their 'how to make jewelry' books to shop shelves without reliable printing companies and innovative illustrators? can help an organisation maintain, renew, or initiate relationships with other companies relevant to the sale and manufacture of jewelry.

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Earrings and pendants made of fabric

If you are looking costume jewelry made of fabric, then you are here with us to the right...



We are a Czech firm producing and handcrafting bespoke glass products. We focus...


Jewellery components

PVC tube and PVC ribbon in over 15 trendy colours, plug contacts, magnetic clasps...



The newcomer premium fashion label Arutti was founded in 2016 by two brothers, Wladimir...


Wollfeltchains and other products made from wool felt

Our range of Wollfeltchains is also very large, with over 400 different chains. It comes...



BEKA & BELL creates unique pieces of jewelery: beautiful bracelets, chains, belts...


Bender-Schmuck Dominik Bender und Hermann Bender GbR Création Amélie

Création Amélie is a German company founded 1981 by Hermann Bender with a great...


Bohemia Jewelry - TNT group s.r.o.

Bohemia Jewelry was established in Prague in 1993. From the beginning our production...

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