Bracelets are straps or loops which are worn around the wrist, a fashionable item of jewellery which has lasted throughout the ages. Dating as far back as ancient Egypt, bracelets of various types have been a mainstay of fashion right up to the modern day. Bracelets are seen as accessories to an outfit and can be overt or subtle. Metal bracelets formed of loops of silver and gold are big status symbols, while fabric loops of leather and cloth, or simple plastic bracelets, are more casual and suitable for everyday wear.

Buyers of wholesale bracelets can find a suitable bracelets supplier at Each bracelets supplier will have their own range of materials and styles. The most expensive bracelets, which market well as premium, luxury items for high income customers, tend to constructed using silver or gold, or other precious metals. They are often slim and understated, with some gemstone adornments. There is also a rise in the popularity of charm bracelets, available from a typical bracelets manufacturer. These have a long product lifecycle, as additional charms can be bought and added to the bracelet later, as subsequent gifts.

Single loop bracelets are also known as bangles. The simpler forms of bracelets tend to be casual in style, set at a cheaper price point and favoured by younger buyers. They can be large and chunky, or leather bands. Buyers can connect with a bracelets manufacturer or bracelets supplier here to get the items that suit their customers’ needs.

Wholesale bracelets go well with other accessories. Anklets are bracelets for the ankle, for example, which are often displayed together. Other small jewellery like necklaces and rings may be matched to bracelets by theme or material.

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