Jewelry Storage

Wholesale jewelry storage products are containers designed to store and protect fine jewelry. These specially created containers serve many functions and come with additional compartments inside to accommodate small and large jewelry pieces. Jewelry organizers can be constructed in the shape of a box with layered tiers that can house rings, and hooks for pendants necklaces and chains. Other jewelry storing systems include compartmentalized bags, hard-cover cases and even decorative baskets. For retailers, these cases and bags are useful wholesale storage options, with suppliers being readily available via

High quality jewelry pieces made from precious metals, such as gold and silver, as well as gem stone settings, need special care and attention. Wholesale jewelry storage bags and cases are the ideal way to protect valuable jewelry from harsh climate elements in the environment like extreme hot and cold temperatures. They also provide the perfect home as the compartments inside are made from protective materials specifically designed to shield delicate jewelry pieces from being scuffed or damaged. Normally these small pockets inside the jewelry storage item have transparent, adhesive fasteners which secure the jewellery pieces. The transparent pockets allow for viewing when selecting jewelry items for day or evening wear.

Today's fashion jewelry merchants make provisions for the care and attention fine jewelry needs. Cleaning solutions specifically produced to treat valuable brooches, bracelets, pendants, anklets and even jewelry designed for hair decorating purposes all have a special place inside a jewelry storing bag or case. Manufacturers and suppliers of jewelry accessories and hand-carved, brand-named, designer pieces are well aware of how jewelry storage systems are highly desirable and in huge demand. With up-dated models and designs making their way into this competitive marketplace all the time, buyers can source manufacturers and suppliers of the latest lines on

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