Key Chains & Tie Clips

Key chains, also spelled as 'keychains', are short chains that attach a keyring to a charm or item. Keys are usually attached to rings and chains for decorative purposes but also for practical reasons. A key chains manufacturer may work with various materials, but typically metal or plastic are most common, with the former being more dependable and the latter lighter to carry. A trader seeking wholesale key chains or wholesale tie clips can find a key chains manufacturer at

A similar small accessory is the tie clip, which is a short bar that slides horizontally over a tie to fasten it to the shirt underneath. Tie clips prevent a tie from flapping or becoming untidy, while also serving a decorative purpose. Usually made of metal, tie clips can vary from inexpensive wardrobe aids to fine jewellery, especially when made with gold.

These items enjoy broad popularity and suit a variety of price ranges, depending on the materials used. Premium wholesale tie clips, for example, are gold with inlaid gems, or bear a designer brand name. Similarly, a popular type of wholesale key chains includes branded chains, featuring logos or characters from a large franchise. Many novelty chains are easily marketed as souvenirs, alongside themed trinkets like models.

Traders in practical items, such as suppliers of security firms, may find that a strong choice for wholesale key chains is the security chain. These key chains are made of strong steel, with a clip instead of a charm, to prevent the keys being lost or stolen. Security firms are also a good example market for tie clips, as security personnel often prize neat uniforms with prominent logos.

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