Necklaces are a type of jewellery or decoration that hangs around the neck. Necklaces are usually worn for decoration, but occasionally may have cultural significance, or serve a practical purpose. Necklaces have a very long history and are popular among both men and women. The typical necklace is made of a metal chain, but can also be a cord. They are worn across the world, sometimes with a pendant hanging from the chain or decorative beads or charms.

Wholesale necklaces are a popular commodity, since they can be found in a broad range of materials for different price brackets. High-street retailers and jewellery stockists find that items such as necklaces remain consistently popular. A necklaces wholesaler will often benefit from stocking a range of necklaces as the variety ensures appeal amongst a broad demographic. Some retailers, however, will prefer to specialise. A necklaces manufacturer can be found at with a suitable selection for any stockist’s requirements.

When choosing wholesale necklaces, the target market’s budget is a large concern. Metal chain necklaces are found in various metals, from steel plated to solid gold, meaning that they can be inexpensive novelty items that sell in high quantities, or expensive luxury items that sell less frequently. A necklaces manufacturer will be able to produce high numbers of less-expensive necklaces as novelty items, whereas a specialist jewellery producer may focus purely on hand-crafted items made from higher-quality materials. There are also alternative markets for costume jewellery, such as necklaces of shell or plastic beads that have price variants of their own. can be used by businesses in this industry to locate a reliable necklaces wholesaler anywhere on the globe.

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