Rings are items of jewellery, comprised of a round band that is worn around a finger. The typical ring is a finger ring, though the term is sometimes applied to toe rings, earrings and even arm or neck rings. They can be made from a range of materials but the most common are plastic and metal, with the typical gifted ring being a precious metal. Rings have been worn throughout history to signify cultural status or simply for decoration.

Buyers of wholesale rings will find a rings manufacturer at productpilot.com. Rings represent a reliable retail opportunity, remaining consistently popular throughout all levels of society. Budget retailers can benefit from a rings producer who supplies plastic rings, while luxury retailers may choose a rings producer who works with gold and silver.

Plastic rings or costume rings are casual, simple items which are bought for aesthetic pleasure, rather than intrinsic value. These items are remarkably cheap to produce and buy, popular among young and low income consumers. Metal rings can fill various niches depending on the metal; steel rings are considered an inexpensive but smart accessory, while silver and gold rings can be very expensive and represent a luxury lifestyle. Rings are further enhanced with gemstones to boost their value, especially in the case of diamond wedding rings. With the custom of exchanging rings deeply ingrained in popular culture, a wholesale rings trader can make steady profits from these high-value items.

Ring sellers can market a mixture of ring types alongside similar jewellery in a matching style. Plastic rings can sell with budget earrings and other piercing jewellery, for example. Necklaces in fine silver can be sold as gift sets with quality silver rings.

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