Egg & Kitchen Timer

A kitchen timer is a traditional kitchen instrument used to keep track of time when cooking food. This kitchen accessory initially came on the market for the exclusive purpose of timing a boiling egg’s progress, as time is the key factor in determining the boiled product’s consistency. Traditionally coming in the form of a sandglass, modernized versions of the traditionally egg timer are usually made of stainless steel or synthetic rubber and come in all shapes and sizes – including digital and analogue versions.

This device works just like an ordinary clock or watch, and has a built in timer with preferential settings from sixty minutes to one hundred and twenty minutes. When the wholesale kitchen timer is set for a certain amount of minutes, a countdown begins and an alarm system sounds so the user knows when their cooking session has expired. This unique product can be utilized at home or in a commercial kitchen; restaurants, hotels and other eating establishments. They come in a variety of attractive, sleek designs and various colours and shades, to fit in with contemporary and traditionally styled kitchens. For those working in dining establishments, securing contact with a wholesale kitchen timer supplier, such as can be found at, is vital.

Egg and kitchen timer products are simple, yet effective kitchen aids when cooking and baking. Catering for the younger cook, too, some timers come in exciting innovative designs, so they double up as pretty decorative ornaments. Not only do they ensure that food is not overcooked, they can be used to time other related household tasks, too. Egg and kitchen timepiece manufacturers and suppliers can have their latest product lines and designs listed through

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