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Wholesale sheet protectors are protective wallets or sleeves into which single or multiple sheets of paper are placed. The purpose of wholesale sheet protectors is to ensure that the paper within remains free from damage and can also serve to allow the pages to be easily stored in a ring binder. Wholesale sheet protectors are usually plastic and are most commonly colourless and transparent, although they can also be made from clear coloured plastic. With many varieties available from the suppliers at, the waterproof nature of wholesale sheet protectors keeps documents safe from stains and other damage. Many wholesale sheet protectors have an additional strip along one edge which is punched with holes, which allow the sheet protectors and the documents within to be easily stored in a number of different models of ring binder.

In an increasingly digital world, there are still many documents that are required to be stored in hard copy. Paper kept unprotected in a ring binder or folder is prone to be easily damaged. By using sheet protectors, documents can be stored safely and kept pristine. In addition, with no need for the documents themselves to be hole-punched in order to keep them in a binder, the documents are afforded an extra level of protection. Sheet protectors can keep documents safe from dust, ink blots, other spills, smudges and fingerprints while still allowing the pages within to be clearly visible. This allows documents that are frequently perused to be handled again and again with little or no damage to the pages within. Sheet protectors are found in almost every office stationery cupboard, and although reusable, they are likely to be replenished frequently. ensures wholesale sheet protector manufacturers of these stationary essentials can be sourced.

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