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The business service industry & associations is vast. Ranging from well-known services such as cleaning services and car rental, other services which form an essential aspect of smooth business running also include advertising services and IT or technical maintenance services. Service providers are distinguished by their specialist expertise, knowledge or available tools. They ae often employed by a business or company on a long-term basis, which may be the case with security and surveillance services; or to meet needs as they arise, which may be the case with printing services.

The service industry itself through different companies provides heat, power, water, refuse collections, sewage management and maintenance, to homes and businesses. Inspection, maintenance and repair of our infrastructure, pipes, sewage plants, water quality, communications, roads, rail, and bridge maintenance, is carried out by yet more service companies.

Facilities management companies ensure the efficient running of factories, large buildings, office complexes, residential apartment blocks, and shopping malls, while other business services providers offer their services to manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of all types. can categorise all these business services, and automatically match them with the companies looking for similar services.

A business service is often employed from a specialist provider to help a business or company meet a need which they cannot themselves. With business becoming more competitive, more and more small, medium and large companies are choosing to operate under the umbrella of one of a large number of business associations. Operating as a collective, the organisation takes on the activities members don’t have the time for, or which are too costly to be undertaken as a single business. In all of these cases, it helps for companies to have connections with service experts in many industries, such as which can be formed at

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