A consultancy service provider offers individual consultants or small teams who work with businesses, companies and organisations on a variety of briefs ranging from strategy and planning to training, specialist industry knowledge, software or systems work, marketing know-how or redesigning business processes and models. Consultants are professional businesspeople or experts who provide advice and the benefit of their knowledge and experience from a particular field of expertise; using, business consultants and their services can be located.

Consultancy is a useful way to investigate problems or factors limiting performance, identify possible solution options and assist management in reaching any necessary decisions. As well as management and business consultancy, the security of buildings or of information systems and data privacy are other consultancy fields, along with Health and Safety compliance. Professions such as education, accountancy and law as well as finance, engineering and human resources are also covered, in addition to media, politics and public relations.

Management consultants assist senior directors in identifying and capitalizing on possible business opportunities, improving learning and adapting to change. Consultants are typically engaged through specialist firms or agencies on a short to medium term basis, in return for fees. The hiring company receives access to a deeper level of experience and knowledge than might otherwise be economically feasible to retain with an in-house permanent staff member. The consultancy provider offers knowledge and skills to meet specific project requirements, with the consultants typically in attendance at the client’s site for some of their working time. Especially at critical business times or over periods of staff changes, the use of an objective consultancy provider can prove valuable in terms of a company’s success in their market area.

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