Contracting is an efficient way for companies and organisations to hire staff for specific projects or short-term exceptional needs. There are a number of reasons why it can be advantageous to consider using provider contracting, whether in IT, accounting, healthcare, construction or other fields. Contractors can provide skills that in-house staff may not have, in addition to usually offering greater flexibility regarding hours worked.

As businesses grow, they may find themselves with a choice to make between hiring independent contractors or permanent employees. In such cases, it is important consider the exact staffing requirements - if a project is clearly defined with a planned finish date, a contractor might be more appropriate. Contractors will also be necessary if the company does not have staff available to perform a task when demand fluctuates, or if a specialized skill or technical experience is required. For companies who wish to hire contractors to meet their short or medium term requirements, listings will help to locate effective provider contracting solutions with ease.

As contractors are responsible for their own professional development, they will usually have completed the necessary training courses and are likely to have relevant experience. Therefore, the business gets someone who is skilled, motivated and ready - without increasing permanent staff headcount. This is also more convenient if there is a later downturn in business activity, as there is less long-term commitment with supplier contracting. Although hourly or daily contract rates are typically higher than the equivalent salary of a permanent employee, the employer does not have the extra expense of holiday or sick pay, nor employer's national insurance contributions and any possible redundancy or severance liability. Provider contracting companies offer both short-term and long-term solutions for bridging a company’s staffing gap.

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