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Printing services are businesses which oversee the day-to-day operations of a printing press: either by reproducing printed items for clients, or by providing technical support for other organisations within the industry. Modern printing systems may be mechanical presses, or they may be automated digital facilities. Increasingly, print companies operate digital hardware which allows them to offer their wholesale printing services quickly, while also providing online support. Service providers for business needs can be sourced through

Mechanised printing has existed for around 700 years. Throughout its history the technology has evolved, and printing has developed into a widespread industry with an increasingly important role in modern societies. Printing services have allowed for the faster dissemination of news and data, and have become an invaluable part of every aspect of life: from education, to advertising and commerce.

Today, a printing services provider is most likely to cater for the needs of the commercial sector in one form or another – from publishing services to retail. The print industry is also relied on by the manufacturing sectors for printed components in packaging. These items can be as diverse as covers for compact discs and records to packing for electrical goods or industrial materials. Because these items are often unique, printers will often provide specialist knowledge for a certain product range. This allows business to keep the unit cost of printed goods low. Equally, wholesale printing services can drastically reduce the costs of a bulk order. Printing a new line of products requires hardware to be reconfigured to new specifications. A large wholesale order will minimise the effect of the flat fees incurred for these initial set-up procedures.

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