Training is the process of teaching or developing new skills, which can be conducted by a skilled person to benefit others, or conducted by oneself for self-improvement. The majority of training is based around study, learning and repetition, gaining competency through familiarity with a subject or skill. Companies rely on quality training to increase the value of employees and expand the range of services they can offer. Businesses will find training services or a particular training provider at

The skills involved in supplier training and trader training, for example, are extremely valuable to those in the business of commodity trading. The specific benefit of training is to speed up the learning process and gain access to new skills which a person cannot learn otherwise. Therefore, training is usually considered as an investment, because a trained individual will be more effective, productive and useful in the long term. Essentially, training is the process of upgrading human resources.

Within the business world, training can begin very early in an employee’s career, in the form of apprenticeships. These allow a person to work at a reduced pay rate, which covers the cost of the training services while making the employee ready for the company’s needs. Many industries have formal training bodies, with set standards of competency and industry-recognised qualifications. This kind of official training makes the learner’s qualifications all the more valuable, opening doors throughout their industry and having more credence compared to an unknown training program.

Similarly, industry-wide training standards make it easier for a training provider to prove the value of their courses. Training tends to fall under the same umbrella as other business services found by suppliers on, like marketing services and consultancy.

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Auto-Tech Engine management learning system

Auto Tech systems are specially designed to enhance the student’s learning ability...


MotoGat LTD

At the beginning of the 80′s a group of teachers in Israel,led by Mr. Moti Tuchman...

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