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The term Office Equipment covers desks, computers, lighting fixtures and similar items necessary to sustain the day to day operational functions of a business office. Most of the office-type equipment listings are grouped under the main Office Supplies category which, apart from office services, also covers most of the items commonly purchased wholesale by an office equipment supplier. These would include office equipment products such as stationery, computers, printers, calculators, photocopiers and similar. splits this section into two further sub-categories under the headings of Organizational Aids and Office Technology.

Just as with other areas of business, the advent of innovative technologies has a continuing impact on the scope and definition of office equipment. Experience shows that these developments tend to fall into two distinct categories: innovative products which require new machines, and convergent types of innovation where the function of one machine is subsumed into the specification of another – a good example of the latter would be the stand alone office calculator whose calculating function is now incorporated into a range of hardware, from the smartphone upwards.

Essential for the smooth running of any business, office supplies and equipment are popular items for wholesalers. Office managers can stock up on the items which are in constant demand easily, such as pens, paper and staplers. Office equipment is also wisely implemented as promotional material. Easily customisable with a company’s logo and contact details, items such as pens and notepads can act as publicity material for office guests, on business trips or at conferences. enables office managers source wholesale suppliers and designers of office equipment. Similarly, any dealer in retail office equipment looking for reliable B2B contacts for office-equipment products and services will discover many entrepreneurs from the community are keen to do business.

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