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Folding, enveloping, and sorting machines are revolutionizing the mailroom by saving time and labour in mass mailings. Folding machines fold a sheet of paper into a pre-set shape and enveloping machines insert the documents in an envelope. Typically, sorting machines collate different sheets into sets for insertion. Sorters can come equipped with optical readers and are used to sort sheets or envelops according to different parameter, for example postal codes. Folders, envelopers, and sorters can be combined into a single unit, or each function can be purchased as a stand-alone.

A simple manual lever-operated folding machine can produce a sharp crease and is suitable for small quantity mailings. Fully automated folding machines are controlled by a user interface that allows the operator to load the documents and select the shape and size of the fold. For large mailrooms, electronic controls can detect the document size, automatically adjust, and fold 9,000 sheets in an hour. Five different fold types are available and include the traditional one-third letter fold and the half letter fold. Customized folds such as the gate or double parallel can be pre-set. The bigger folders can store up 15 different settings so that in the same job run, one client can receive a single insert and another client can receive two. The exit conveyor produces neat and easy to carry stacks. When combined with enveloping machines, the result is professional-looking communication that gives businesses a competitive edge.

Desktop folding and enveloping machines can handle up to five sheets per envelope and can process up to 1,300 envelops per hour. For maximum streamlining of business operations, a high performance intelligent folder and inserter processes up to 12,000 envelops in an hour. A recent innovation eliminates the need for a new set up when the envelope type is changed and has up to 48 different insert stations.

The modern mailroom is becoming increasing more sophisticated with new digitalized products continually arriving on the market. Buyers and traders of folding, enveloping, and sorting machines can locate the latest products at

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