Paper Knife

A paper knife is a desk accessory which was first used in the 18th century and has since become an important office accessory used to open envelopes. Initially it was known as a pen knife, and was only used to sharpen writing implements like the quill pen. When paper was first introduced, the pen knife was used for cutting sections of paper, but quickly evolved into the paper knife, serving a duel desk purpose; opening sealed letters and cutting sheets of paper to required size. By the end of the 18th century the paper knife had earned its place as an essential accessory to the private writing desk and can be sourced from the suppliers on

Paper knives typically have a long broad blade with rounded soft tip that easily slices open letters. The other end of the blade is encased in hardy materials ensuring the knife is easy to manipulate and grip. Modern paper knives can be personally embossed with names, initials, family emblems or corporate logos and brand names. Antique paper knives are highly desirable items because they were hand-made from precious materials like ebony ivory, silver and gold. A paper knife, made from finely polished woods like mahogany and rosewood with hand-painted details can appreciate in value making them coveted desk accessories.

Paper knives are popular gifting choices, especially in commercial enterprises. The paper knife used for letter-opening functions doubles up as an attractive desk ornament. Supply and demand for more ornate paper knives embossed with intricate detailing and created from precious metals and textiles is continually increasing with innovative and exciting luxury and designer items being introduced to this competitive marketplace regularly. Buyers keen to keep up with the latest designs and models on offer can do so through the traders on

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