Staplers are essential to the smooth and efficient day-to-day workings of the office world. They are the single quickest way to fasten paper documents together. This is especially handy when documents run into multiple pages and ensuring they remain bound is essential. A typical staplers supplier will buy their staplers wholesale from a stapler manufacturer. Given the sheer volume of staplers in offices across the globe, the wholesale stapler market is a strong one, yet registered companies on will find access to the office equipment providers they need.

The stapler itself comes in the form of a two-piece hinged apparatus that will often have some kind of rounded top for the comfort of the user holding it. The documents that are intended to be stapled together will be placed between the two halves of the stapler and the user will then press them together. The top half of the stapler forces a staple - a "U" shaped piece of metal - through the paper, where it hits the bottom half and folds over, fastening it in place. There are limits to the amount of paper a stapler can handle at one time, but the average staplers supplier will stock larger staplers for more heavy duty usage. Staples can be bought from most office stationary retailers, but should also be stocked by any good staplers supplier. There are also versions of staplers for other, more substantial use-cases, such as staple guns for fastening documents to walls.

There are many variables that can affect the market for staplers, not least the paper industry which is responsible for the primary use of office staplers. can help buyers stay well informed with access to all the latest supplier information and developments.

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