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The office furniture sector comprises many different sorts of products. Along with storage equipment, such as office cabinets, shelves and display cases, there are many more specialist items of office furniture which are often made to measure, like conference room equipment, for example. Along with bespoke items of furniture, there are plenty of manufacturers who cater for the mass market of offices. A typical office furniture supplier will usually have stock that ranges from entry level items for everyday use to more plush furnishings made from high-quality materials such as chrome and leather.

Typical items of furniture which are found in most offices include office chairs, desks and computer furniture, which usually differ from home furnishings because they offer more features. For instance, chairs can be adjusted to the height of the user and desks might contain recesses for wiring. With so many offices around the world, the wholesale office furniture market is very large. Many of the latest designs are focussed on providing a long-lasting and robust user experience which means value-for-money for the purchaser. Nevertheless, luxurious office furniture remains a key part of the sector.

Due to the different requirements in the office than at home, there will always be a need for office furniture. While ergonomics play a more important role in life, many end consumers tend to pay more attention to the chairs they will be setting on, and the desks they will be sitting at, for up to 8 hours a day.

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