Coat Racks & Hat Stands

Wholesale hat stands and wholesale coat racks are furnishings to hang coats and hats on. Traditional products in this category can be free-standing pieces of furniture and come in many different designs and styles. They are typically constructed from wood and metal components and can sometimes incorporate both for a contemporary finish. Combined coat and hat stands cater for both coats and hats; shorter rails for hats on the upper end of the stand, longer hangers for coats and other related outdoor wear. Some of these products also have attaching compartments to house umbrellas, gloves and scarves. The modern day wholesale hat stands and coat racks have been adapted to cater for restricted living space, with many models coming in the form of wall mounted rails, with supporting hooks and brackets and additional shelving to accommodate other outdoor garments and accessories. Designer and brand-named products in this category are also made to order, with extra features and add-ons to suit personal taste and style. Coat and hat stand manufacturers and suppliers are afforded a unique way to showcase their latest product ideas and designs through

Coat and hat stand furnishings can be used for domestic use as decorative household pieces. Coat and hat stands are essential furnishing items in clubs and cloakrooms. As office furniture, these products are staple requirements in buildings comprising of large office complex' and staff numbers. Not only do they ensure valuable space is saved, but they also help contribute towards creating a comfortable working environment. Ensuring a worker’s space remains uncluttered and their personal belongings have a designated space, coat and hat stands also ensure a business environment looks professional and tidy.

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