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As a part of the wider office furniture industry, conference room equipment is often more specialist than kit which is installed in other parts of a corporate building. Along with items that can be found in the office environment, such as office chairs, office cabinets and computer furniture, conference room equipment will be more geared towards presentations and question and answer sessions. Unlike some products designed to close off areas in offices so that workers are better able to concentrate on their work, conference room furniture tends to be open, allowing for improved eye contact to be made and discussion to be had. Suppliers of conference room furniture know that customers demand comfortable seating, which still remains formal, along with a desk area on which to make notes. A typical conference room will also have a small presentation area, perhaps with a lectern, from which speeches can be made and notes kept. Nowadays, conference room equipment may also include audio amplification for speakers, so that they can be heard at the back of the room without having to shout. In many cases, such systems are now wireless, allowing presentations to proceed without restricting the movement of the speaker. At, suppliers of conference room services and equipment can stay fully updated with all of the latest conferencing innovations.

Modern offices are much more connected to one another than ever before, thanks to the rise of internet-enabled technologies. For this reason many conference room equipment traders will specialise in the supply and installation of audio conferencing equipment, whereby non-attendees to meetings can phone in and follow proceedings, or even contribute, remotely. Video conference equipment is now commonplace in many conference room settings with multiple meeting rooms being able to link up.

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