Foot Rests

Foot rests are practical pieces of furniture used in the office or at home. They are available in a range of styles and may be used for interior decor purposes or even medicinal, for example in supporting good posture. Using, it’s possible to locate suppliers and manufacturers of foot rests.

In the work place, many employees choose to use a foot rest if they are sat at a desk for long periods of time. This can provide increased levels of comfort and certain models work to aid circulation. This type of foot rest is designed to be compact and discreet. They tend to be made with metal legs and hard wearing plastic section for the feet to rest on. These models may also have an adjustable height. A foot rest may also be used by children or smaller adults whose feet do not comfortably reach the floor when seated. Again, this works to add comfort and improve circulation.

In the home, foot rests are generally used for comfort and can often be found in lounges. Additionally, the elevation of the foot and leg may help relieve aches and pains. Ottomans and foot stools are different types of foot rest. Ottomans are generally large and upholstered to match sofas or arm chairs, and they frequently feature a storage compartment. This means they offer a practical storage solution and a high, sometimes horizontal, foot rest position. Foot stools tend to have wooden legs and a fabric, cushioned top. These are small items that fit easily into any lounge and often have a pleasant, decorative design.

Those looking to stock foot rests may want to take a thorough look at the variations available. A list of products and suppliers, like that provided by, can help with this.

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