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The wholesale office chairs market is part of the wider office furniture industry, which also supplies items such as office cabinets, foot rests and conference room equipment. An average office chairs manufacturer will produce a wide range of seating designs which are destined for all sorts of offices. Plush executive chairs are just as commonplace as standard designs, but any office chairs supplier must make products which conform to certain health and safety standards. For wholesale office chairs that are set on casters, for example, five legs are now a requirement to ensure that toppling over is less likely when the chair is moved around in. Likewise, many territories demand that workstation office chairs can be adjusted, both for the height of the seat and the angle of the back rest, sometimes with moveable arm-rests, too. The mechanism for altering the height of an office chair is usually controlled by a lever under the seat and this ensures that the occupant's knees don't come under stress with either the feet dangling or the thighs being raised too high. Traders looking for new wholesale office chairs ideas can find all of the most forward-thinking developments at

Along with important health considerations, many office chairs are designed with comfort very much in mind. This often means that modern, man-made materials are commonly used in the upholstery, particularly in a chair's back rest so that the occupant's skin can breathe well, even if they choose to maintain the same body position for hours at end. Another important design factor is how easily office chairs can be stored, when not in use. Stacking or folding chairs with very clever designs are now commonplace in the sector.

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