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Second only to employing the right people, a modern office must have the right tools for the job. Not only will poor-quality office machines impact upon office morale, productivity and the quality of output, customer perceptions will also be negatively influenced. If, for instance, a company continues to send out typewritten letters – perhaps because a few machines 'have some life left in them' – the majority of customers will not conclude the business is making prudent economies, but will assume the company is similarly outdated in other respects too. An efficient modern office will need a range of machines to function properly. Printers, photocopiers, fax machines, shredders, cash registers, binders and more are the essentials needed to achieve, and maintain, a professional business office. As listings under the Office Supplies parent category clearly show, most wholesale office machines are stocked by specialist office-equipment suppliers, and there is also a need for fast and efficient repair and maintenance services.

Depending on the office, some machines are used more than others, which means that some will wear out faster. That being the case, businesses need to make sure that their equipment is in good working condition and, preferably, has the latest technology implemented, in order for the office staff to work efficiently and without frustration. Office machine manufacturers strive to produce devices that are less susceptible to breakdowns and that will require less maintenance. A photocopier needs to be just as reliable as the software on a computer, or the equipment needed to manage and complete projects. helps buyers find the right contacts in the industry to get their hands on such machines and thus increase the efficiency of the workplace.

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