Banknote Counters & Verification Machines

Banknote counters, sometimes known as bill counters, are electronic pieces of equipment designed to count money. These machines have been developed to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of human error. As it’s essential for these devices to operate at high levels of accuracy, businesses are well advised to invest in a high quality model. Manufacturers and suppliers of these can be sourced at

Banknote counters are commonly small, electronic machines with no moving parts. These models can generally count notes or coins and can count different currencies. The machine then presents the user with a total on an easy to read display. The total is calculated by weight using complicated calibrations, the notes or coins are not counted individually.

Some banknote counters are also able to detect counterfeit notes. They do this by testing for the UV reactive parts of the note and checking the inbuilt magnetic strips. Typically, these models will then alert the user if there is an issue with any of the notes. Often, qualities that mark a note as counterfeit are hard to spot with the naked eye, so this additional verification will catch fake notes where a human may not.

Verification machines like this are typically found in banks, helping the bank teller count deposits and withdrawals for the customer. The machines may also check for damaged notes, and sort the notes into batches for easy processing. The added accuracy and efficiency that is gained from an automated bill counter is particularly beneficial in an institution that is constantly handling money. The key aspect for buyers is, of course, accuracy, and the lists of currency counters and wholesalers provided by can help show the variation in models available.

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