Primarily considered to be part of the office technology category of products, like software and printers for example, calculators are also common household items and academic tools. The wholesale calculator sector needs to cater for both office supplies traders and general retailers. Essentially, a tool that makes arithmetical functions easier and quicker to do, pocket calculators have been around for decades. They often have buttons arranged in an array, featuring numbers from zero to nine and simple functions such as divide by, equals and add. The most recent developments with calculator technology can be found using

For a professional dealer calculator functions need to offer much more than these simple abilities. Indeed, a student trader calculator must also offer further mathematical possibilities if it is to sell into the lucrative school age and undergraduate markets. Often marketed as scientific calculators, these devices are no mere adding machines and provide functions like tan, sin, log and cube roots, to name but a few. Much more complex than normal, office calculators, these devices often have more than the industry-standard eight-digit display in order to offer a greater degree of accuracy, especially with decimalised fractions.

Whether scientific or designed for general use, most calculators have a display which is made up of an LCD display. However, the wholesale calculator market also includes devices with graphical displays. These graphing calculators can visualise things like quadratic functions and three dimensional vectors and are more akin to a small computer with a built in screen than a conventional office calculator. Some of the latest graphing calculators are able to manipulate statistical data in meaningful ways, too, helping students to grasp mathematical concepts like normal distribution and formulae more easily.

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A family business since 1918, MILAN has more than 5,000 references of stationery...



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I.R. Italiana Riprografia S.r.l., is a leading company in Italy and Europe in the production...


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With its establishment in 1997, MORAVIA Europe had the pretention to provide the market...

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