Bookends are very useful items for arranging books on a shelf. Usually they serve a practical purpose, acting as a support at the end of a shelf to keep books standing upright or prevent it from falling, especially when a shelf isn’t full. They increasingly take on a decorative role, either to complement the appearance of the shelf or disguise the bookend from view.

There is strong potential in the home decoration market for bookends that fill a luxury niche, as a decorative item that some might overlook. Buyers of wholesale bookends can find a bookends supplier at, with a range of both practical and decorative products. A nice bookcase and proudly displayed collection of books deserves a pleasant set of bookends to finish the décor. Buyers might, therefore, consider wholesale bookends to accompany sales of shelves, cases and books.

A good bookends supplier will be able to offer both simple, practical bookends and more decorative types. Practical bookends can be as simple as steel wedges, with an ‘L’ shape to buttress a row of books. These are common in libraries and schools, with a minimal approach to keep costs low and save space. Decorative types of bookend will often feature figurines which stand in the gap created by the ‘L’ shape, between the vertical and horizontal struts. Some are designed to look like books themselves, or match the colour scheme of a home. When sold as part of a set, decorative bookends often match in terms of style or motif.

Bookends are a useful product to sell alongside storage solutions, as they perform a space saving and tidying function. For sellers of book related items, they also go alongside book binding accessories, as part of the crafty and attractive world of real, paper books.

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