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The personal organizer, which was first introduced to consumers a few decades ago, is an item designed for personal use as well as something that can be utilized by business professionals. Hand-held personal organizers normally consist of a leather bound book containing several compartments. Each specific section is created so that both professional and personal lifestyles can be organised and coordinated. These differing compartments usually include the following; a spacious, daily diary, address/contact/telephone listing, calculator, yearly planner section, credit card holder, pen/pencil and other related features. While up-to-date information technology incorporates the digitally improved personal organizer on mobile phones, laptops and tablets, many offices and business enterprises still use the print version to record and keep track of daily tasks, functions, events and/or meetings. Locating suitable suppliers of any number of organisational tools, is a useful resource.

Much like the personal organizers trade, the wholesale calendars trade caters for commercial and domestic demand. The wholesale calenders business sector provides and produces annual calenders suitable for large office complex', organizations, business institutes and retail outlets. Many enterprises still use wholesale calenders as festive gifts for existing clientèle which helps to keep business relations smooth. They are also used for gifting purposes to generate new customers. The calendar market place has benefited from high-profile celebrity and brand named sponsorship, yielding a sizeable profit margin. Celebrity personalities, such as sports icons and pop sensations who make guest appearances on calendars can boost business sector statistics and generate a high turnover for both the calenders manufacturer and buyer. While calenders and personal organizers have become part of the digital era, the print form still remains a popular and mass produced product.

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