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Folders, binders and clipboards are essential stationery products for large scale office environments. These staple office supplies are used to store, collate and protect important files and documentation. While modern technology provides paper-free storage systems for important information via tablets, smart phones, PCs and laptops, wholesale folders and wholesale clipboards are still very much in demand. Folders can store a wide variety of printed paper documentation that needs to be available at any given moment; manual instructions, presentations, educational content and personal identity certificates. Wholesale clipboards are useful when making presentations as they secure and ensure the protection of specific pages relevant to office tasks at hand. Many secretaries and personal assistants still use clipboards to copy and collate printed matter onto more sophisticated information technology. Binders serve a similar purpose. They usually come complete with plastic (or laminated) compartments designed to house, protect and even alphabetically file away important printed matter. Office staff and personnel use wholesale folders, binders and clipboards as personal filing systems which they can access readily.

Other organisational tools created for storage use include binding accessories, calendars, personal organizers and clips and fasteners are useful household items as well-being standard functional office equipment. Folders, binders and clipboards may also be designed to protect entire portfolios and are an excellent way to store and keep record of certification credentials. In this category, designer and luxury items that are leather-bound or made from sheepskin or suede are highly desirable items in the office stationery trade. Any folders manufacturer and supplier of these quality wares can be sourced by buyers looking for new ideas and designs on

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