Registers are one of the most fundamental of organizational tools, coming in many different forms and designs for a number of different uses. A register would traditionally take the form of a physical book much like a ledger, however, with the advent of widespread computer usage and digital storage registers are more often stored in a computer system than a sheaf of papers. That being said, many people and businesses still opt to use a physical register, both for reasons of expense and that of reliability; a physical register won't crash or lose data. Many organisations that use physical registers will often be large and require many, and so may deal with wholesale register suppliers at to meet their needs.

Registers often find use in official settings, such as classrooms for keeping track of which students are in attendance. There are also family registers for use in tracking genealogical information, for both hobbyists and legal specialists too. Another common use of a register is in electoral voting, for keeping track of who voted for whom. A commonly known form of digital register includes vehicle registrations for logging information relating to vehicles and their owners. Some kinds of register straddle the line between physical and digital, where a physical register may be used to log information but is then transferred to a digital database.

Of course, wholesale register sales rely on physical registers and many aspects can affect that particular market. The cost of paper in an increasingly environmentally conscious world can have a particularly significant effect on a product that is largely made of paper. can help traders stay informed with the latest updates from the wholesale register sector, or the wider organizational tools market.

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