The term "storage provider" can apply to different things. A physical storage provider offers off–site storage solutions for personal and business customers, with the kind of storage possibly varying from one storage service provider to the next. For example, it is possible to hire a "lock up", which is typically the size of an average home garage, but safety deposit boxes are also a form of storage, offering more security but considerably less storage space. can be used to locate the storage provider with the most suitable options available.

A digital storage provider, much like a physical one, offers off–site storage solutions for personal and business data. Such services may be called "Online Backup", or "Cloud Storage" in the general consumer market, though enterprise solutions may offer services in terms of "servers", and "data centres". The advantage of a typical storage provider in this respect is that it is often easy to add more storage to an existing plan. Wholesale storage can also be arranged if the demand is large enough. Storage in this manner can be franchised out to smaller service providers, offering dealer storage and related services while the company running the physical machines and data centres focus purely on that aspect, similar to having multiple Internet Service Providers offering services over the same phone line.

The advantages of off-site storage – whether in the physical storage or data storage sense - are obvious. If something is stored away from a property, it is safe from damage or theft at home or business. While theft can happen to a storage provider, it is their business and it is in their interests to protect against such eventualities. There are many variables to the storage business, and it behoves interested traders to stay informed. can help buyers and sellers with access to all the latest updates from this market.

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