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The focus of any successful presentation must be the topic message to be conveyed to the target audience. There are a range of different presentation techniques such as a demonstration, lecture or speech delivered in person. Alternatively, Internet technologies allow the same presentation to reach a wider audience if delivered online, whilst other forms of presentation simply require that products or services be presented in an ideal setting, and then just allowed to 'speak for themselves'. In every instance described, choosing the most appropriate method of presentation and the very best presentation tools is essential to ensure a beneficial outcome. As would be expected with such a broad range of presentation scenarios,'s listings of contacts can be found under several headings. Many are concentrated under sub-categories such as Presentation Aids and Office Technology. These are the locations where presentation tools such as projectors, LED displays, seminar boards, and interactive whiteboards can all be found.

The sub-category of Name Tags will be of interest to particularly large companies that host large internal gatherings, as well as for event organizers who bring many people together. The Blackboards & Walls sub-category provides the contacts to manufacturers of these items, which, despite the digitalization of information, are still of great importance in meetings, due to their hands-on nature and the ability to quickly alter, add or remove writing, as well as the interactivity it provides to the presenter and the audience.

Buyers, manufacturers and wholesalers can identify each other via to establish partnerships in trade and supply to grow their respective businesses and reach new audiences, not only in the home country of each company, but also further abroad in new and already established markets.

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Flip Chart

Flip Chart Feature: Flip chart with different stand types to meet different customer...


Ablegreen Company Ltd.

ABLEGREEN COMPANY LIMITED is a family own company and has established in 1976. We...


Glass Board

Glass Board Feature: glass surface makes it easy to writing and wiping; it can be written...


Absen GmbH

Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., which started in Shenzhen in 2001, is an integrated...


Les Acrobates de Gras

« Les acrobates de GRAS » are adept at doing tricks high in the air, way above the ground...


AF International

AF International is a global brand and the leading manufacturer of specialist cleaning...


Magnetic white board

Magnetic white board Feature: with wooden/plastic/aluminum frame or frameless, magnetic...


The AIRSCREEN Company GmbH & Co. KG

The AIRSCREEN Company produces and distributes worldwide AIRSCREEN - the original...

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