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Blackboards and walls are rewriteable surfaces used for sharing ideas and teaching. Also known as a chalkboard, depending on the materials used, a blackboard is most commonly associated with schools. Blackboards are traditionally made of slate, dark grey or black, which shows up white chalk clearly. Writing made in chalk can be wiped off. Modern versions are usually known as whiteboards, made of plastic and written on with pens instead of chalk. These are also wipe-able for reuse.

A typical blackboards supplier will be able to provide wholesale blackboards and whiteboards. These products are best known for selling to schools and other academic institutions, where they still see frequent use in the digital age. Blackboard sizes vary depending on the situation, with entire blackboard walls used by some places. These are ideal for writing long information, or providing a space where several people can contribute ideas or ‘brainstorm’. Buyers can find a blackboards supplier with product ranges to suit their needs at

Smaller blackboards are common for business use or advertising, or even home interior design. Bars and cafes, for example, traditionally use blackboards to attract customers. Offers can be changed each day and the costs are very low. For sellers of bar equipment or furnishings, blackboards are a great additional item. Office blackboards are commonly used to inexpensively list team targets and notices. They are just as interactive as screens and can be changed easily, or given fun additions like sticky notes.

Wholesale blackboards and whiteboards make great additions to lines of office and academic equipment. They naturally sell alongside other writing and drawing tools and presentation equipment, as a traditional but still essential way to convey ideas.

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