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Magnet boards & magnets are a simple, elegant solution to communal messaging in physical space. Whether the "community" in question be a family home, a dorm, or a village hall, magnet boards allow people to leave messages for each other in a place they are likely to be seen, offering an alternative to instant electronic messaging. With magnet boards, messages can be left in a number of ways. A paper note held in place by a magnet is perhaps the most practical solution, though one of the more recognisable and fun ways to leave a message is to use alphabet magnets. Both magnet boards and any range of magnets can be sourced using to locate suppliers. The popularity of which has contributed greatly to the sale of wholesale magnets and wholesale magnet boards over the years.

Large entities, such as medical organisations or educational institutions, find magnetic boards particularly useful, as these double up the efficiency of a whiteboard. Such organisations will often buy magnet boards wholesale in large quantities and in various sizes, depending upon where they are to be located. Wholesale magnetic boards are also sold to various home and hobby retailers, who then stock multiple outlets for sale to the general public. The same goes for wholesale magnets.

One popular use for these products is as an educational and fun tool for young children to experiment with. Using various types of magnet, children can practice numbers and words without parents or guardians having to worry about cleaning up the mess after they're done.

The market for wholesale magnets and wholesale magnet boards is one that is particularly strong. In a world of growing environmental concern, a magnetic board, some magnets, and a dry–wipe marker can last a long time, whereas a large sheet of paper can only be used once. ensures traders can access all the latest information and developments from this market.

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