Displays are used throughout business and commerce for presenting products, pitches and services to customers and clients. They take a wide variety of forms, from digital displays to paper and cardboard standees. Some displays are accompanied with reading material, others with posters and visual displays to catch a person’s attention. Typical product displays are made of cardboard or wood, freestanding on a counter or shop floor, with built in shelves for placing the product and the company or product logo clearly represented.

Typically, displays are purchased to sell a certain product in a shop or to pitch it at conventions. Shop displays are a great way to market a leading product, as they catch the customer’s attention as they walk through a shop. Products can easily be lost on the shelves, but not when displayed in a tall, brightly coloured shelf of their own. Buyers looking for displays wholesale will find a displays manufacturer at productpilot.com with the dealer displays to suit their needs.

Books are often marketed with small display cases made of cardboard, which stand on shop counters to make the most of the point of sale. A good displays supplier can provide various shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the buyer. When selling displays wholesale, they are usually posted flat and assembled by the end user, which is a useful point to remember as this can allow for a certain degree of customisation.

When seeking a displays manufacturer to provide displays wholesale, buyers look for dealer displays that suit their purpose. Simple cardboard displays are used widely in convention settings. A three-panel folding display can hold various pinned flyers and leaflets. Presentation equipment for those who attend trade shows or product fairs is often sold in packages which include name tags, presentation folders and other diverse items of presentation equipment.

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