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Light tables are used for a number of purposes within creative industries such as film, or illustration. They take the form of a work surface, similar to a desk or easel, with main difference being that the majority of the usable surface is illuminated with a diffuse, white light. There are many uses for such a table, such as reviewing photographic film, or tracing artwork, and there are suppliers for any light table requirements available at

Though a light table may vary dramatically from one design to the next, it often takes the form of a rectangular surface that is tilted at an angle from the horizontal, allowing the user to work without having to lean uncomfortably forward. Depending on the light table, there may be additional features, such as adjustable height or angle, and the ability to alter the brightness of the light. Though it is basically the same technology, a light table is not the same as a lightbox, which hangs on the wall and is used for things like viewing X-ray images, or illuminated signs.

There are many different industries that have a use for light tables, most of which involve drawing, but these tables also find use in other fields, such as medical, or education. Though the hobby market for such tables is small, there are many hobby enthusiast arts and illustrators who choose to invest in this equipment.

The technology, design, and use of these tables remain relatively simple. Despite this, light tables are still a product that contains a lighting element and so there will always be manufacturers looking to gain an edge by improving the efficiency of the lighting, make their table easier to work with, or find some other way of improving their product. can help buyers keep informed of any trader developments and updates.

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