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Name tags are badges, stickers, or other forms of small–scale labelling that can be affixed to a person as a means of displaying that person's name for others to see. Name tags are particularly useful at events where there will be many people in attendance who do not necessarily know each other, but still need to communicate. In this setting, name tags help with the initiation of conversation, not to mention the avoidance of awkward situations arising from someone forgetting another person's name. There are different kinds of wholesale name tags typically available from a name tags supplier at, from temporary to permanent, purely visual or intended for use with a security system. It is often possible to purchase this type of product from other suppliers. For example, stationary supplier name tags are often the same wholesale name tags that would be purchased directly from a dedicated name tags supplier.

Temporary name tags usually come in the form of a printed sticker with a blank space in which to write the wearer's name. Technically a blank piece of adhesive paper with one's name written on it would also be classed as a temporary name tag. An example of a permanent name tag, on the other hand, is an engraved plastic or metal badge. There are forms of name tag that involve the identifying information being printed onto a piece of paper or card and then slotted into a permanent housing. In this situation the housing can be re-used by replacing the printed paper inside. This type of name tag is typically used for ID badges. As with any product, presentation tools - and more specifically wholesale name tags - change and evolve over time. can help traders stay up to date with access to the latest information.

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