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The right audiovisual presentation equipment and tools available at the right time make it possible to deliver business, academic or other information and material to an audience - be they staff, delegates, students or conference members. Presentation equipment is, therefore, a business essential, with successful presentations often making a difference to a company’s success in any given field. Business partners and suppliers can be sourced at

Visual displays are a useful part of presentations to accompany any spoken or audio content; indeed, many people assimilate new information more easily when it is presented this way. For larger audiences, presentation equipment typically includes an OHP (overhead projector) and screen whereas for smaller groups, a large monitor may work well. Both these media can be integrated with laptop computers or other digital players.

Other equipment includes whiteboards, as well as conventional blackboards or multi-feature electronic boards that used coloured electronic pens and can display video. Flipcharts and markers, stands, shelving systems and trolleys with extending keyboard sliders also facilitate presentation delivery. Sound equipment with microphones and amplifiers may be necessary for large halls while a wireless mouse and mouse pad, cables and batteries form other ancillary equipment along with timers, pointers, and any special, technical or humorous visual props. Nametags for delegates and attendees help to identify individuals and add to security controls. Lastly, presentation folders are a useful item for attendees to conveniently store notes and take away after the presentation, forming a long-term reminder of the information and event. Businesses looking for equipment, supplies and gadgets for effective presentations at meetings and conferences will find an extensive catalogue of classic and innovative products at

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P2 Indoor LED Display Screen

P2 Indoor LED Display Screen P2 Indoor LED Display Screen


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P5 Indoor rental led display screen P5 Indoor rental led display screen


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P5 Outdoor led display Screen P5 Outdoor led display Screen


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