Colors for use in schools and playschools come in a variety of forms. Often a term used to refer to colored pencils, colors may also be used in reference to wax crayons and simple pots of paints or palettes. Colors are as essential a part of the school teacher’s tool kit as are exercise books, maps, and globes. The purpose of color in art classes amongst the younger classes is to release creativity, learn, and above all to have fun. Easily purchased in wholesale packs, color suppliers can be found on or purchased directly from the color manufacturer.

The first colors used in kindergarten should be in a format that permits the greatest freedom of expression whilst still being safe. With the limited fine motor control of the pre-schooler, the process of attempting to manipulate a brush or crayon can impede the expression of imagination, and so water-based poster paint finger painting is a good option. Watercolors in the form of stamp pads keep the work table and floor free of spills that can cause accidents. Finger painting and stamp pads produce images quickly with minimal effort and thus reduce the chance of boredom or impatience creeping into the creative process.

Crayons, which are essentially colored wax, are the favourites for slightly older children and their teachers because they eliminate spills from watercolors, are nontoxic, and don’t have sharp edges. Also, crayons can effortlessly cover a large area with rich color so that the coloring process never becomes tedious. Coloured pencils are ideal for children old enough to have mastered fine motor skills and are cognitively prepared to represent detail in their art.

For decades, colors have performed an essential classroom role in learning and playing. School boards depend on the color manufacturer and wholesale colors dealer to communicate regularly in order to equip the world’s schools with art supplies.

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