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Exercise books, booklets and folders are manufactured to supply the general retail sector, especially newsagents and online retailers who deal with stationery goods. The mainstay of the wholesale exercise books market is to provide goods for the school supplies sector, along with other products, such as erasing tools, scissors, desk equipment and school bags. Suppliers of all such stationary products, including new ones, can be found at productpilot.com.

Wholesale booklets and other items, including writing pads and sketch books, are sold in various types of paper with differing qualities. Some wholesale booklets, for example, are bleached pure white, but some are made of off-white recycled paper. Some have twin holes punched on the left hand side so that the papers can be stored in lever arch files, ever popular among students for lecture notes. Wholesale exercise books tend to come with a margin at the left, which creates a space for teachers and other education professionals to add comments or notes when marking. If they are not designed for sketching in, books are often printed with lines, allowing notes or homework to be written down as neatly as possible. The exception to this rule is with maths exercise books and booklets, which are most frequently set out with grids, allowing charts and graphs to be drawn easily.

Student folders come in three main forms. Foolscap folders are made of durable plastic or card and can hold a bundle of A4-sized papers allowing access through a large envelope-style flap at the front. Ring binders are usually made from card with a plastic coating for added protection and have stainless steel rings which can be snapped apart to allow hole-punched papers to be stored. The third type is lever arch folders which can hold the greatest number of papers and have an internal lever that is pressed to open the steel U-shaped rings.

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